Unlike many others, we actually manufacture what we sell. Few sign companies today manufacture in-house. Instead, they turn over manufacturing to wholesalers and lose all control over quality and schedule.

White Sign Company has invested heavily to automate our manufacturing. We keep costs down for our customers through our low overhead and a well-trained work force. All of our products are first designed and built with virtual 3D models using SolidWorks. Once your design is perfect, we begin fabrication.

Whether you need one sign or one hundred, our rigid quality control means a consistent product every time.

3D Formed Plastic Face, Kids Dental Center. Nashville, AR
Metal Fabrication.
Routing an 8′ X 20′ of 0.25″ thick aluminum sheet.
Bending 0.125″ thick aluminum sign cabinet.
Manufactured sign parts ready for assembly.
Lighted interior letters in fabrication.
Aluminum bahama shuttters. Orlando, FL
15′ diameter lighted aluminum logo.
Custom 15′ diameter sign background.